Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group


Advanced Business SolutionsIncentive FM Group Ltd recognised innovation was essential and with this in mind they have implemented information systems to provide a flexible solution for payroll and human resources as well as a rostering system. Efficiency has increased and reliance on paper based systems is being phased out. These changes have been the result of the objectives set before the innovation:

• Implementing an integrated, Human Resource, Payroll and Workforce Management system for Incentive FM to gain improved insight into their employees and their business, with powerful reporting functionality used to meet client and internal requirements across all three different business units.
• Having a central ‘people database’, providing the ability to plan and manage the whole employee life cycle linked to the Payroll system.
• Meet the requirements of legislative changes e.g. Auto Enrolment

In conjunction with our chosen providers and the project team, led by Roland Bull (Operations Manager, Incentive Lynx) and Pleun van Deurssen (Assistant Project Manager, Incentive FM), the implementation process has progressed whilst HR & Payroll teams have undergone training to assist in the build of our bespoke solution. Weekly discussion groups and regular training sessions have been held to develop the system further and create user guides to ensure consistency by all users.

Advanced Business Solutions – OpenHR

OpenHR is the core Human Resources Database which will hold current and historical data and provide integrated document management, including qualifications. (Staff qualifications are widely acknowledged by Incentive FM to increase productivity and loyalty within our business). The software provides a complete picture of each employee including skills, qualifications, training undertaken and planned performance as well as right to work with the ability to generate timely reminders of expiry and review dates as appropriate.

• Incentive FM is capable to create and build reports via the powerful reporting tools which enable HR to create and build reports in addition to the comprehensive library of reports already created.
• The document management and imaging software enables automated mail merging, document scanning, storage, archiving and retrieval of all business directly from the HR or Payroll system.

Advanced Business Solutions – OpenPeople

OpenPeople is the payroll solution element and we have been successfully paying staff employed by one company within the group since May 2013. Parallel runs are being made for the two other companies and will go live in two stages: the first part in February, followed by the entire company being paid via OpenPeople in March. Future improvements include the introduction of E-Pay slips.
For the Payroll team, further training has been arranged to cover the requirements of Auto Enrolment enabling them to update and maintain future changes whilst ensuring the correct deduction of employee contributions and payment of employer and employee contributions.

Staff Scheduling

Currently, our bespoke staff scheduling is being optimized to the demands of Incentive FM and their sub divisions. The aim is to deliver the right people at the right time, matching staff levels, skills and work patterns to customer demand. In addition to the rostering element, check-calls, and duress calls can be made via the system, as well as the patrol monitoring which enables the control room to action in cases of emergency.

Additionally, Time and Attendance can be recorded via clocking on/off by one or several systems that will vary per contract and site, depending on client permissions and numbers of employees.This investment will improve the effectiveness of the organisation and enable management to monitor, analyse and continually improve corporate performance and provide transparency for our clients and employees alike.