Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

October Client Drinks

Our annual clients drinks event was held in the City of London for the first time and we chose the rather funky Hispania restaurant in Lombard Street as the venue.

The designer and antique dealer Lorenzo Castillo crafted the building from an old National Heritage listed Lloyds bank city trading building with all its interesting features preserved and given the Spanish twist.

The evening progressed with its usual levels of culinary bacchanalian and banter excess concluding the inevitable wine tasting team challenge, which amazingly was won by Robert Scull of Matthews & Goodman, Martin Athey of Core Law, Pam Craddock of IPF, John French of Qubic and Gary Hosie of Aspers. I smell cheating or at the very least too much product knowledge as three of them are Waud Wine Club investors!

We were treated to an interesting selection of Spanish wines which were individually paired for our delight and delectation with a sumptuous selection of locally prepared tapas – the black squid ink risotto was a knock out paired with the white Verdejo. Jeremy Waud introduced each wine with what appeared to be some knowledge of the subject and his double act tackling the food commentary was Martin Reed, who’s humour was adequately matched with his obvious studious pre event tasting!!

As always we really enjoyed the company of our staff, our clients and our friends from within the wider industry and we look forward to yet another new venue, food and wine experience for us all to savour next October in London somewhere.

The Suspect Winners!

(L to R) Lizzie Woolley, Jeremy Waud, Robert Scull, Pam Craddock, John French, Gary Hosie & Martin Athey