Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

HR Update

Job SatisfactionIncentive FM Group Ltd considers itself to be a company that respects and cares about its employees. With this in mind, in October 2011 the HR Department, with the input of operational team representatives, designed an Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Since then we have invited managers and employees to participate in our confidential Employee Satisfaction Survey which provides an opportunity for us to gather honest feedback from employees about their jobs, their work environment, and their needs. This feedback provides Incentive with a clear idea of areas where we need to focus attention and by acting on this information, our employees know that their opinions can produce improvements that may benefit all parties to the employment relationship, be they employee, employer, or our client. These surveys empower our staff, providing a basis for an action plan to build on strengths and identifying improvements required, so that our employees feel that their opinions count. This helps make Incentive an employer of choice.

Incentive are aware that these surveys also raise expectations, so acting on information received and communicating results is essential.

Results are formulated into pie charts to provide a visual tool for easy analysis from where we can identify any evolving trends, whether they are good or bad.