Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

From Jeremys Point of View

‘The New Normal’

Jeremy Waud, Managing Director of Incentive FM GroupIn our world of facilities management, cleaning, security and consultancy, the ‘New Normal’ appears to be more for less sadly. This may not sound startling but in reality when the economy has been tight – and it has been for four years now, people are able to demand more, so much more in many cases for their pounds. Whether they actually get it or not remains to be the question and perhaps that is where the opportunity lies within our Incentive companies, as we do actually deliver what we agree and we should not be offering what we are not confident of delivering.

Applying this honest and robust methodology has helped us through a tough year and whilst we have not made as much money as we would have liked or planned, we have weathered the storm far better than most and our business has actually expanded organically by some 10% over the year.

We now employ over 1,600 staff and strive to recruit the best people in the market. These key individuals at all levels will command salaries commensurate with their skills and experience, albeit they will only move to companies with a culture and colleagues that motivate and excite them – again an area where we score highly.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is perhaps to educate our clients and their buyers that nothing comes for nothing and that good people and good service providers always pay for themselves. If we are right here, the area for scrutiny and negotiation should be less in the zone of margin and more in the areas of management quality, systems and innovation – ‘Can this company take us to somewhere that we need to be and can’t get to by ourselves’ – Isn’t this a better question?


Our highlights over the past six months on the business front have been the 100% retention of clients in our security and facilities management businesses, paired with the substantial win with Royal Shakespeare Company in our cleaning business. Other big and heartening wins for us are the security contract at the new huge Kings Cross development for Broadgate Estates, which itself followed on from more business with the same client for their multi building west end portfolio. In Incentive FM, the expanding relationship with Jones Lang LaSalle has increased our portfolio of shopping centre service contracts with them by a further three in recent months.

We have taken on a variety of CCTV remote monitoring contracts using our 24/7 control room and monitoring station and this is an exciting development for us. We are driving considerable savings for our clients at the same time in saving on excess manned guarding whilst providing enhanced all round cover, particularly at night and in any part of the country.

On the consultancy front we have continued to be busy with both Hammerson and Liverpool Football Club and we have a healthy order book going forward into our new financial year.

Incentive Carbon Management has both become a registered Green Deal provider under the Government’s scheme and also signed a significant agreement with a Scottish care home group using this energy efficiency asset funding route together with our expertise in this area.

CSR and Events

Our calendar of activities away from the main stream where we are engaging with clients all around the country, friends and our two charities is becoming longer and longer! – we are delighted to now be working with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and MacMillan Cancer Care, causes that we collectively have very strong feelings and support for. A new event for 2014 is the FM Industry Ball on 20th March in London, where we are heavily involved and MacMillan will be the recipient of a substantial sum if all goes to plan.

In Conclusion

We are as busy as ever and our social media channels have always got lots to talk about and this is really healthy. We continue to be proud of our business and really keen to positively expand it into new and existing areas, catering being the one in particular focus for us just now. We have an excellent team, culture and buzz around our company and this is something that we should all be proud of and that our potential customers will hopefully appreciate – it’s normal for us, but not everyone out there!

Jeremy Waud, Managing Director of Incentive FM Group