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Yorkshire in Bloom - Crystal Peaks

Our aims here at Crystal Peaks are:-

- To reduce consumption of electricity, gas and water. As part of this we are installing water butts to use for watering of our planters/baskets and Solar PV panels are been installed to reduce our electric consumption by 90,000KWH per year.
- Reductions in waste are ongoing with more recycling of cardboard and plastic than ever before and none of the sited waste goes to landfill.
- To engage and encourage staff ,customers and tenants in site green projects and issues(a joint litter pick and audit of the Ocher Dike is planned with McDonalds)
- To work with local stakeholders and organisations (Beighton Environment Group and Owlthorpe Community Forum) to improve the local environment and people’s awareness. We also work closely with Sheffield Council Rural Planning Department.



 As a result of our aims at here at Crystal Peaks, we have won a Yorkshire in Bloom award.

This has been an ongoing commitment /project for the last 3 years culminating in this GOLD/CATEGORY success this year. I had every confidence in this year’s entry been a success from the day of the judging. But it was still a wonderful feeling and great day for the Site, Incentive FM ,our client and all the teams involved to have not only got the Gold and Category but also this discretionary award. We are already looking forward and planning on how we can improve across all areas on the site to retain this award.

The site of some 40 acres includes both a shopping centre and retail park, which is managed environmentally to improve bio diversity and reduce the impact on the environment. Given that some thirteen million visits a year are made to the site this does present some challenges. However innovation sees roof space being used for Solar PV panels and Bee keeping. The commitment shown by the senior managers and the landscaping team and the knowledge of the environmental projects on site demonstrates how effective conservation can be in what is not the most likely setting.

The commitment to use any available space in a way that contributes to the natural environment and increase bio diversity. The monthly site surveys of wildlife that provide up to date information on the quality of the site for wildlife. The wildflower area now contains some species that are rare in South Yorkshire. The quality of maintenance and the commitment to maintain the landscape with re planting trees and shrub areas in the car parks.

The landscaping team of Steve Hill, David May and Darren Raynes work closely with Lee Greenwood (site manager) and Mark Jackson with regard to planting, features ,bio diversity and provision of wildlife habitats of all types throughout the site.

Below are some of the areas which contribute to the award, as you can see it is not all about flowers and hanging baskets!

- The introduction of a wild flower meadow (which is now well established and in its second season)

- The construction of a stumpery to help and encourage (via a safe habitat) invertebrates, fungi, ferns.

- The installation of bird box’s throughout the site for various species.

- Working in conjunction with Sheffield council’s environmental team and schools on events such as bird & bat walks, hedge laying Etc.

- Assisting the client with the installation & monitoring of solar PV panels for the generation of electricity.

- The scoping out of rain water harvesting for use in toilets and all collated information provided to the client.

- The installation of a green wall

- The monitoring and logging of bird species/numbers across the site (monthly) and also logging of other animal activate i.e. Fox’s & Badgers. This is then provided to the client and Sheffield’s environmental team.

- Considered and effective planting including 2 herb gardens to encourage and increase our bee population. We now have 4 active hives.

- The purchase of a chipping/mulch machine so we can produce our own compost and all tree/shrub pruning’s and suitable wood is chipped for use on our planted beds.