Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

The Benefit of Knowledge

As we come towards the end of the latest Incentive FM Consultancy project with Liverpool FC we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the benefits the consultancy work brings to our clients in all parts of our business. As the chart below shows we have worked for some of the best companies in all sectors of business, across 130+ locations, in thirteen different countries.
With the breadth of work completed it is no surprise that we have amassed an enormous amount of data for benchmarking, best practice case studies, bad practice case studies and commercial exposure. This knowledge bank offers Incentive and our clients a unique win win win scenario; 

Consultancy Clients – Benefit from one of the most comprehensive sets of benchmarking and operational knowledge in the industry. Not only can we review and procure based on our own operational expertise from running a successful business but we can use the information gathered from external sources to further ensure consultancy advice is ‘best in class’. Retail in particular is a sector where our ongoing consultancy clients, such as Hammerson and CSC, truly benefit from this cross referencing of knowledge.

Operating Clients – Our FM clients can be assured that through exposure to wider industry through our consultancy work it allows us to be fully aware of all new developments and techniques throughout all sectors. FM can learn a great deal from other sectors of business and ways of operating. Areas such as Health and Safety and Environmental Stewardship are not the preserve of the FM industry and are often lead by sectors such as manufacturing or retail.

Our Industry – As part of many of the projects we complete we are often retained to provide ongoing audit support for our clients and the FM providers have helped them choose. Our ongoing presence ensures that the FM providers have to keep performing, innovating and improving. This drive for excellence ensures our clients get what they pay for but also helps the FM providers to strive for better and better performance. In our eyes this is good for them and good for competition in our industry of which we are very proud to be a part.

The future
Consultancy continues to be a very important and a growing part of our business. Led by Jessica Strawbridge, the team involved offer all stakeholders in our business, clients or colleagues, a transfusion of ideas and knowledge that very few of our competitors can offer. Our capture of data becomes more sophisticated allowing for further improved benchmarking for our clients and although operating under the framework of BS 8903:2010 Procuring sustainably, we will look to offer an even more environmentally focused process through the development of Incentive Carbon Management products.

By Martin Reed, Incentive FM Consultancy Director