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Security Officer Saves Life

Control Room at Loman StreetWhen the Incentive Lynx Security team at More London started its night shift on 18th September, they were not aware of the role they would be playing in saving a life.

CCTV operators in the More London Control Room spotted a woman climbing over the riverside railing near the HMS Belfast. Security Officer Ahmed Akinjobi was sent to investigate and found the woman clinging to the rail above the dark waters of the Thames, extremely agitated and very distressed. He tightly held her hand whilst trying to calm her down when all of a sudden she made a move to jump. Ahmed grabbed the woman and pulled her over the rail to safety. Police and an ambulance crew arrived and the woman was taken care of.

In a letter to Ahmed, Mark Chapman, Estate Director for our client More London Estates, said “Your actions quite clearly prevented a serious incident and possibly saved the woman’s life.”

As a result of his actions, Incentive Lynx Security will be nominating Ahmed in the Outstanding Act category of the 2013 British Security Industry Association’s Security Personnel Awards.

This is a prime example of the vital role that Security Officers play in the safety and security of occupiers and visitors at our contract sites.