Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Improved workforce management systems

As a result of the continued growth of the company and its strong belief in improving its systems, the company has recently decided to introduce a new workforce management, HR and payroll system. The current roster system used by Incentive Lynx is in urgent need of replacement whilst the HR and payroll system needs substantial improvement as it currently requires a significant amount of manual work. It was therefore decided to find a package that would fully integrate these systems, thereby eliminating a large amount of duplication, and making significant improvements to the current processes and controls.

After reviewing a number of different systems, it was agreed that the integrated HR, Payroll and Workforce Management Solution provided by Associated Business Solutions met all our key requirements.

The main advantages of this new software include:

- A flexible solution which can evolve with a growing business and changing requirements
- A solution which can be extended across all group companies
- Improved efficiencies in processing with the elimination of spread sheets and duplication
- A central ‘employee database’ providing a single source of the truth
- Ease of extracting all employee information through a flexible report writer
- Ability to plan and manage the whole employee lifecycle
- A full audit trail across all elements

Payroll administered with the minimum of data input, receiving information from the HR and Workforce Management modules

The project will shortly be commencing and it is hoped that it will be up and running by the start of the next financial year. This is a key investment for the company but one which will make it significantly more efficient and will substantially improve controls within the company to help it through the next stage of its development.

By Paul Wickman, Group Finance Director