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Formula Incentive - Conference 2012

Formula Incentive

This year’s conference was around the theme of “Formula Incentive”. Bill Pollard Group Deputy MD opened the conference in Walton Hall Hotel, welcoming over 60 of the Group’s top management.

“As our Group continues to grow, it’s important for our core values “Loyalty, Integrity and Respect” to be embedded in all our service lines. We want to take the best of what we already have in our core FM business, add the best of our newly aquired businesses and leave behind any aspects that don’t add value. The more we work together, the stronger we become.”

Jeremy then expanded on the theme and briefed the delegates on another record breaking year for the Group. The new Group operating structure with the businesses MD’s was explained as he presented a revised, updated and more ambicious 5 year plan and confirmed a further £100k+ investment in new rostering, HR and Payroll systems to keep us at the leading edge of systems and efficiency.

A series of (mostly!) snappy briefings followed, with Paul and Laura covering central functions, the new pension regulations and continuing on their “FAST CHAPS” theme from last year. Our newly appointed head of Technical, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (TSHEQ for short!) Bill Smale, thanked Les Carter who retired this year for putting in place a solid foundation to build upon and confirmed our excellent safety record, ROSPA awards and our goals going forward. Martin Reed livened the room up with some interaction with the audience around working smarter and only doing the things that really add value to what we do. The three operating businesses then presented their achievements and USP’s, with the “Lynx effect” clearly taking its toll on two of the Juice girls, dragging Craig Pickard from the stage on completion of his slot and video! Bill and Jeremy then hosted a plenary session, summarising the various points before breaking for group photographs and lunch.

The afternoon was dedicated to furthering the conferences goals, with a “wacky races” activity. Teams made up of a mixture of Incentive- FM, QAS, Lynx and support functions designed a new ground breaking vehicle for entry into today’s market, pitching Dragon Den Style for investment funds to buy parts to enable manufacture for a style competition and race later on. Compared by Paul Farris, MD of Juice who helped facilitate the entire conference, the delegates impressed Jeremy, Bill and Martin with their designs, liked to the company values and team approach. The teams then raced their “cars” in two heats with the final 4 hurtling at warp speed across the line. Dick Dastardly were then presented with their winning medals.

The black tie evening started with a Waud Wine Club champagne drinks reception and comedy murder mystery during which the “FMJ” journalist, Mary Fitztightly was sadly murdered. As luck would have it, Sally LA Flamme, aka Inspector Timothy Trustcott was present and conducted an investigation throughout dinner to find the murderer. Little did the guests know, but the wrongdoing hadn’t finished and Mr Jeremy Waud met a sticky end via a blunt bread knife. Luckily his demise was shortlived and he returned typecast as the devil, not many people noticing the horns and pointy red tail! Inspector Timothy Trustcott questioned various suspects throughout the night, pointing out Mr Pollards parking indiscretions on the TDV, Craig being held at border control with the wrong passport (his right to work visa safely at home in his old one!) and Laura’s occasionally clumsy ways aptly demonstrated as she fell backwards through the curtains whilst being questioned. With the list of suspects being quite extensive, none of the amateur sleuths in the audience were able to spot that the real villain of the piece was no less Lynda Roberts - HR Manager!

The evening then concluded with employee and contract of the year awards for each of the operating businesses, a CSR award and a special group award to Bruce Mc Donnell recognising the positive impact he’s made at a senior level throughout the group.
Feedback indicates this has been the most successful conference to date so watch this space for next years theme!