Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group


Incentive Sustainability

Our focus and journey on carrying out our business in a sustainable and responsible way continued throughout 2010. We met the goals and targets we set for the year, with our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy being updated, and our environmental impact reduced with Group wide accreditation to ISO 14001 with the BSI.

We will shortly be launching an environmental development programme which will bring our Group’s customers guaranteed cost and quality improvements in all aspects of utility, waste and statuary compliance.

Alongside this, our goal of working safely continued to be met, with no lost time accidents across the group: an amazing achievement with nearly a thousand employees across the country. Our commitment to safety was recognised with a further Gold RoSPA Award in 2010.

In terms of health and safety, we also gained group-wide accreditation to ISO 18001 with the BSI which exemplifies the culture of safety that exists throughout the organisation and across all the sites in which we operate. The formalisation of our standards combined with the continued recognition from RoSPA is a great achievement.

We will also be publishing the Group’s first Annual Corporate Sustainability Report in 2011 giving a detailed account of our strategy, plans and achievement. This will be driven by the Steering Group of Annie Karastoyanova, (Chair, Social Reinvestment and Waste Management), Bill Pollard (Executive Sponsor and Legislation Compliance), Bruce McDonnell (Energy), John Garrard (Supply Chain) and Wernard Kruger (Company Continuous Improvement Reporting). Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or suggestions on the Group’s CSR approach.