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Health & Safety update

New Health Safety Legislation
April and October are the two ‘Common Commencement Dates’ for any new health and safety legislation. No new no legislation with any relevance to the Incentive Group and clients is due to come into force in April 2011.

National Statistics
Accidental deaths and injuries at work have been falling nationally for many years and are now at the lowest level since records have been kept. In the last reporting year 152 workers were killed at work, it’s only a few years since this was 250. Falls from heights and vehicles, ‘in and around’ the workplace are the main causes.

Occupational road deaths far exceed workplace deaths, typically between 800 and 1000 people are killed every year in road traffic collisions whilst driving for work purposes.

Work-related asbestos deaths continue to rise resulting from exposures up to 40 years ago. Over 2000 people, mainly men died in 2010 from Mesothelioma, a cancer caused predominantly by the inhalation of blue asbestos fibres through work. The most frequently recorded occupations on death certificates include carpenters and joiners; plumbers, heating/ventilating engineers, electricians and electrical fitters.

National Register of Occupational Safety Consultants
Stemming from the coalition government’s review of health and safety, a new national register of occupational safety consultants will be set up to help employers access good quality, proportionate advice. The Occupational Safety Consultants Register (OSCR) will go live in January 2011. It will provide firms with details of consultants who have met the highest qualification standard of recognised professional bodies and who are bound by a code of conduct that requires them to only give advice which is sensible and proportionate. The register has been developed by the HSE and a network of professional bodies representing safety consultants across Britain. Employers will be able to visit a single website that helps them to find local advisers with
experience relevant to their sector.

As you would expect you will find Incentive on this register who like the Heath and Safety Executive have always taken a sensible and proportionate approach to dealing with risks in the workplace.

Occupational Health & Safety System (OHAS 18001) Accreditation
Both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS are in the final stages of this accreditation and will, by the early part of 2011, be able to class themselves as being in the same league as most of the UK’s top companies with regards to health and safety management.

The existing Incentive FM and Incentive QAS health and safety systems went a long way towards gaining this accreditation without major changes. Some development of procedures and documentation was necessary to meet all of the requirements, the emphasis being on self checking, continual improvement and employee involvement, none of this being new to the Incentive way of working. Thanks to all of those involved in the implementation and the audits carried out by British Standards Institution.

This accreditation helps Incentive to demonstrate that our activities are managed efficiently and responsibly and we can provide a reliable service without disruption and extra costs caused by work-related accidents and incidents.

ROSPA Health & Safety Awards
For the last 2 years Incentive FM has been awarded the prestigious ROSPA Gold Award for their Health & Safety performance.
For 2010 both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS will be registering for ROSPA awards. Submissions answering the 10 Key Performance Questions and providing supporting evidence will be forwarded to ROSPA in the new year.

Buncefield Prosecutions – Largest Fine Imposed
Do you remember just before Christmas 5 years ago? Petrol continued to be pumped into a large storage tank near Heathrow long after it was overflowing through a failure in the instrumentation and safety cut outs. The vapour from the huge spillage ignited and caused the largest peacetime explosion ever known in the UK, luckily no one was seriously injured or killed. Total UK Limited were prosecuted for breaching health and safety laws and fined a total of £3,600,000 with an additional £1,300,000 costs. This is the highest fine for a health and safety offence since Transco were fined £15,000,000 for not replacing defective underground pipes that led to the Larkhall gas explosion in 2005 which killed a family of four.

Incentive Accident Update
Incentive FM Group are on track to achieve one of their main corporate objectives of ‘ensuring no lost time’ or ‘RIDDOR’ injuries in the year. Bearing in mind that the Group now employs nearly 800 people and some of these are involved in ‘high hazard’ engineering/construction maintenance activities, this is a terrific achievement. Thanks must go especially to those at the sharp end for making sure the correct safety measures are taken at all times. This impressive record will help both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS in their applications for ROSPA awards and makes Gold possible for both.

Les Carter MIOSH, RSP, DipSM,
Incentive FM Health and Safety Manager

For all Health and Safety queries, feel free to contact Les.