Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Training? Yes please!

An incredible 92.7% and 89.1% of our employees feel that they have had enough training to fulfil their job satisfactorily

It has been a successful year of training for Incentive FM Group. People from all different levels have been nominated and awarded for different training courses provided either internally or externally. Since the last newsletter, we have been focusing on customer services on different levels.

In a staff satisfaction survey filled out by the majority of our employees, we have received very positive feedback on the training and development subject covered in the questionnaire. At Incentive FM a total of 92.7% of the people were convinced that they have had enough training to fulfil their job satisfactorily. For Incentive Lynx a positive 89.1% were content with their personal development – Incentive QAS is to be captured next year.

Professional development has been a key focus point for Incentive FM Group and therefore we have started the National Vocational Qualifications in customer services, team leading/supervising, and health and safety. Employees currently enrolled are looking to pass their qualification or full apprenticeships by the end of this academic year. Sites serviced by both Incentive Lynx and Incentive QAS, as well as more sites managed by Incentive FM will be enrolled to the programme in 2015.

In addition to this training, we introduced the “Visual Impairment” training in the beginning of 2014 as a trial at some of our shopping centres, to enhance customer service on site. During this course, delegates are shown, informed and trained on how to serve blind or partially sighted customers, and/or customers with any form of disability, effectively and efficiently. This course is provided by national organisation Guide Dogs, and as of September last year, three of our employees have completed a ‘Train the Trainer’ course in order to roll out this training throughout Incentive FM. We are now training all of our employees at the different shopping centres using this extra customer service module.

Focusing on our own employees, Incentive FM ran “Disciplinary and Grievance” courses for nominated supervisors and site managers. These courses provided the legal, technical and practical knowledge required to deal with both informal and formal disciplinary and grievance situations. They were for employees who have a responsibility for maintaining standards of behaviour in the workplace and controlling disciplinary and grievance situations, investigations, hearing and appeals. Ensuring the right procedures are being used correctly, and the accurate actions are taken, will mean reductions in the amount of management time required and subsequent stress.

We kicked off 2015 with a “Train the Trainer” course for all of those who are recognised for sharing their knowledge effectively with their team and supporting their colleagues with the current ‘toolbox talks’ designed by Debbie Hattersley.

We are looking forward to the further developments in training we can offer for the Group and are looking forward to future training challenges.