Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Forthcoming Legislation (H&S) Changes Safety

CDM Regs 2015 – will replace the 2007 Regs in April. The updates change CDMC to Principal Designer, recognises the client role more and extend some duties in to the domestic sector

Reminder - CDM applies to all construction work – this includes “non notifiable” work such as maintenance activities.


F-Gas 2014 – from 1st Jan repeals F-Gas 2006 – requires leak detection measures on larger installation and changes the inspection regime requirements – confirm with your service provider this will be complied with. Environmental Protection (Controls to Ozone Depleting Substances Regs) – as of 1st Jan R22 is totally banned – advise system replacement.


The Waste (E&W) (Amendment) Regs 2012. From 1 January 2015, waste collection authorities must collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately. This will cascade into waste collectors arrangements and then sites placing a requirement to segregate.

Risk Assessment Reviews

New format will be applied and rolled out. COSHH – noted from recent audits a common theme of inadequate/out dated COSHH Assessments and registers of chemicals. The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) alone is NOT a COSHH Assessment. New arrangements will be issued along with revised risk assessments.

Regionalised SHEQ Representation

Each site/contract will have a nominated representative from SHEQ for first contact advice and support, “generally” this is:
• Nick Murphy – London & South East
• Helen Harris – Midlands & North

Audits and New Sites

In 2015 we intend visiting every contract/site to complete audit – this is under way.

New Sites:
• Dover Port Authority
• Citypoint, London
• Clarendon Shopping Centre, Oxford
• Plantation Place, London