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A true ‘Value Proposition’

Martin Reed - Managing Director at Incentive FM GroupThere is no doubt that we face competition in our market place. New business is keenly fought over and clients and their stakeholders are looking for real value for money from their entire supply base. However using price cuts to lure new customers is and always has been a very short sighted and risky strategy.

Unlike many of our competitors our business strategy is not to “get the business at any cost” by reducing margins and cutting services to justify the low price. This has meant the loss of some clients but having spoken to many of those who have chosen the ‘cheaper’ option, they soon live to regret it.

Our strategy remains, and will always be, to “win and keep profitable business”. Our value proposition is based on a thorough review, analysis and understanding of our clients needs are. That means we look at each customer as a unique entity with unique challenges and priorities, in order to deliver real value not just short term cost savings.

In my new position as Group Managing Director I have developed a structure to support our existing client base and to enable our business to grow in a sustainable fashion. This will benefit our clients, staff and wider stakeholders in the short, medium and long term. Our group is formed of three key businesses; Incentive FM, Incentive QAS and Incentive Lynx. They remain distinct in their offering with market leading levels of service and value in Total FM, cleaning and security services respectively.

Key to the change in structure is my replacement as Managing Director of Incentive FM Ltd. I have handed over the reigns to Bruce McDonnell who has served me excellently as Operations Director over recent years.

Glenn Wilson and Simon Morrison step up to Regional Director (North) and Regional General Manager (South) respectively, both taking the account director lead across their regions. Supporting them and our growth as a business will be Adam Payne, Annie Karastoyanova and Mark Jackson who are all promoted to Regional Managers on FM. We are extremely proud of both Annie and Mark who have been with the business for a number of years and are a product of our first class management development strategy.

Craig Pickard remains in control of Incentive Lynx and Jamie Wright steps into the role of Director and General Manager at Incentive QAS. The independence of these businesses within the group is a key differentiator for us and we will continue
with this ‘specialist’ strategy.

Incentive FM Group Management Structure 2015

Another significant change is the promotion of Jessica Strawbridge to Director of Professional Services who will not only continue to spearhead our market leading consultancy service but will also take overall responsibility for the group’s Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality team.

I believe this operational structure ensures that from both a service specialism and geographical perspective our clients are served by the very best in the market. May I wish the whole team success in 2015. Our Chairman is a very ambitious man and it is our job to keep him and the shareholders satisfied.

Martin Reed - Incentive FM Group

Martin Reed
Managing Director
Incentive FM Group