Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

2014 Incentive Conference

The Oxford Belfry hosted the 2014 Citizen Incentive Conference –
• 1800+ citizens
• 200+ locations
• 120+ contracts
• 3 companies
• 1 Group

We Witnessed the launch of a new chat show “Reedy on the couch”. Newly promoted Group MD Martin Reed plied his guests with a variety of “drinks“ from the “Martin Reed wine club”, whilst taking the audience on a journey from the start of Incentive FM in 2002 to our future plans with Jeremy and Bill, finishing with our goal of £75million turnover by 2018.

The relaxed, informal and humorous approach continued, as Craig and Bruce then took their places on the couch. The conversations covered some of the great new contract wins across the Group like the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Somerset House, Equiniti and 122 Leadenhall St.

Bruce highlighted how our people and their development is so important as a differentiator whilst Craig explained the Group’s investment and importance of new systems like Logosoft to keep pace with the growth. Next on the couch were Paul, Laura and Bill, all who have seen the arrival of new team members and systems to assist with the Group’s growth. Laura was quizzed about Stacy in HR and the new payroll system, and Bill about our success at ROSPA and new Health & Safety manager Helen.

Paul rounded off by describing how field operations can assist the central functions by concentrating on communication, consideration and understanding.

The morning session concluded with Jamie and Jessica chatting through our sales and consultancy successes. Martin also
asked about our development programmes and how the Group’s first intern Pleun had settled into her training coordination role.

Jeremy and Bill then returned to the stage for a summing up session with ‘Reedy’, taking some questions from the floor and summing up how proud the Group Board is of our Incentive Citizens and the reputation our business has.

The afternoon session kicked off with a “shout out” from the security team at Friars, who were participating in a boxing event in aid of the special care baby unit at Stoke Mandeville. Khalil Rahman, Altaf Rahman, Luckas Szkodzinski and Darren Taverner gave a demonstration of their boxing skills and explained how after 10 weeks of dedicated training they raised over £4000 on the night in sponsorship.

The session then continued with an inspiring talk from Humphrey Walters who was part of the England Rugby organisation that won the 2013 World Cup. Humphrey spoke about creating a winning environment, focusing on the importance of behaviour and skills and looking for “the gap in the waves”. He also spoke about the importance of ensuring you know the detail and “thinking with ruthless simplicity".

Humphrey also showed us the strategies used by Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers had inspired his players to win the SuperBowl for three straight years. After a brief coffee break, the afternoon team exercise brought together the important messages of Citizens being accountable for their own area of work but also working together as a cooperative. The “Urban Drumming” session culminated in a final crescendo after some individual performances from Laura, Harriet and section leaders such as Rob Woods on drums. A number of “artists” found maintaining the beat quite a challenge, whilst standing next to others (eh Lynda!) was a bit of a hazard!

After an opportunity to refresh and put on evening dress, the awards dinner kicked off with a bubbly reception giving everyone the chance to catch up with Citizens old and new. Dinner proceeded (a littly slowly at times) leading up to the Citizen Incentive awards across the group of seven that started Incentive.

A very touching tribute was given by Jeremy to Peter Hull, one of the original group of seven that started Incentive FM. Peter had retired earlier in the year and thanked everyone for making his years at Incentive the best working time of his life.

The evening was then brought to a close by Jeremy after a few thank you’s to Jess and this year’s event organiser Michael Pollard with a resounding performance by Natalie Williams and her band and a variety of dance moves by our Citizens. Many thanks to everyone for completing the feedback survey which rated the conference 100% good or very good. Planning for next year is already underway, and is including your comments. See you all there!