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Getting results and managing our talent pool

By Martin Reed, Group Director responsible for career development.By Martin Reed, Group Director responsible for career development.

Companies like Incentive FM Group are one of the economy’s strongest growth engines. This success is typically based on being laser-focused on serving the customers and being able to zero in on growth opportunities.

The very nature of high-growth means that we more than ever need to be aware of the ways that sub-optimal talent processes can bite at performance. This is why talent and leadership gaps have become the top business challenge this year within the Learning and Development Team. We are now in a world of uneven economic growth and need to build new leaders around the business.

The shift from an ad hoc to a strategic talent management program can greatly aid in the achievement of our business objectives. And while there is no one-size-fits-all solution for talent optimisation, we are active in developing and implementing elements such as:

1. People Strategy
2. Succession Development
3. Management Development
4. Leadership Development

Incentive FM Group Management Training Programme

People Strategy

All of the initiatives are encompassed within a People Strategy and we have already seen great results in terms of innovation and identifying growth. We have developed Competency Frameworks for Cleaning and Security, and we are now working on delivering similar frameworks for Management and Maintenance.

We have also implemented an innovative Performance Health Review that is based on competency frameworks to connect occupational standards with learning and development. The resulting trends show which individuals have the necessary practical skills and knowledge allowing for targeted investment as well as being used to address dips in performance.
In simple terms the whole People Strategy allows us to see how we are doing and if we are meeting our objectives and to do something about it when we fall short of our ambition.

Succession Development

Flowing out of the People Strategy is our succession planning process that provides a framework to identify, develop and invest in the company’s future leaders, as well as appropriately match valued employees to careers they will flourish in. Further, the process enables participants, (Mark Deacon, Nikki North, Mark Burgin, Emily Wilkinson, Nathan Firouzman, Raja Iftikhar and Andy Chapman), to take responsibility for their careers and focus on opportunities to develop their potential.

Management Development

This newly designed Management Development training program offers a unique opportunity to strengthen individual’s capabilities as a manager in a facility management environment. Each delegate will be able to share experiences with other managers and strengthen network relations. The delegates (Chris Edwards, Kevin Morris, Colin Campbell, Gary Tiernan, Kamran Ghadyani, Kirk Garner, Mark Colleran, Mark Jackson, George Lait, Simon Morrison, Debbie Hattersley, Kevin Fairless, Ray Edwards, Rob Broad and Wernard Kruger) have already begun to give feedback on what they have taken back to the workplace resulting in new ways of working and financial results that will positively impact the bottom line.

Leadership Development

Today’s effective executive manager has to wear many hats. One of the most challenging hats to wear in today’s economic climate is that of an executive leading team members in the development of business. This programme is designed for the manager to know how to lead and interact with those directly responsible for sales and marketing, lead those responsible for supporting business development and the servicing of business (every-one), and set a good example through our own behaviours. All of the delegates, (the delegates due to attend this programme include Jonathan Wood; Nicki Smith; John Garrard; Jamie Wright; Glenn Wilson; Nigel Smith; Richard Rafferty; Ross Campbell; Robert Cundey; Kriby Ramudu, Erik Williams and Dwayne Royall) agree that this has developed signature behaviours that are demonstrated by the highest performers.