Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Innovation in HR, Payroll and Staff Scheduling

By Pleun Van Deurssen, Incentive FM Group Assistant Project Manager

HR SystemsIncentive FM Group recognises innovation is essential in all business environments and with this in mind a decision has been made to implement information systems providing a flexible solution to fulfill Workplace Management, Payroll, and Human Resources that supports the different divisions and our employees. The aim is to increase efficiency and effective time management as well as creating paperless systems to improve business practices, productivity and reduce costs with some key objectives:

• Implementing an integrated Human Resource, Payroll and Workforce Management system for Incentive FM Group to gain improved insight into employees and business, with powerful reporting functionality used to meet client and internal requirements across all three different business units.
• Having a central ‘people database’, providing the ability to plan and manage the whole employee lifecycle linked to the Payroll system.

In conjunction with our chosen providers Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) and the Realflair project team (headed by Roland Bull, Operations Manager, Incentive Lynx Security and assisted by Pleun van Deurssen, who is working with Incentive FM Group on an internship fromm the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda, the Netherlands), the planning and implementation has been progressed whilst the HR & Payroll teams have undergone training to assist in the build of our bespoke solution.

Advanced Business Solutions

Advanced Business Solutions – OpenHR

The Personnel Software from ABS provides rich functionality to save time and money and also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR element OpenHR. This core Human Resources Database will hold all historical data as well as integrated document management, including qualifications. Staff qualifications are widely acknowledged by Incentive FM Group to increase productivity and loyalty within our business. The software provides a complete picture of the qualifications per employee including training, probation periods and work to rights which will flag up when due for renewal.

Information such as appraisals, training needs and objectives, skills, NVQs and CPD are immediately available. This enables line managers to identify the availability of relevant courses and place a training request whilst conducting an appraisal. Within our system we will be using document management and imaging software enabling automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of all business documents directly from the HR, Payroll and accounting system.

With our own specially designed, user-friendly reporting tools we can produce reports and analysis without the dependency of an IT department. A comprehensive library of reports will cover most day to day requirements, however even complex ad-hoc custom reports can be produced quickly and easily using our report generators.

Advanced Business Solutions – OpenPeople

OpenPeople provides the payroll for all business groups with Realflair giving the Time & Attendance functionality feeding directly into the Payroll & HR systems.

Incentive FM Group will be using E-Pay slips which will be password protected and where email is not available the site manager or payroll manager will be able to provide pay slip as requested. Consideration is being given to moving to a full self-service solution in the future.



Realflair provides the staff scheduling system bespoke to IFM which delivers the right people to the right place at the right time using a web-based authorisation system, eradicating the need for highly labor intensive activities. It also helps improve customer service by the matching of staffing levels and work patterns to customer demand. Realflair will generate the timesheets and will be able to create future schedules – a week ahead or a few years.

Time and Attendance will be recorded via clocking on/off by one of several systems that will vary per contract and site depending on client permissions and numbers of employees. The solutions we have elected to use are:

• Tablets: Employees will touch the screen and look at the camera, followed by entering their pin number. The system clock them on/off and at the same time takes a photo uploading it to a central website.
• Automated Phone System: Employees dial a phone number and when prompted, they have to enter their Employee Number to log on/off.

We believe this investment will improve the effectiveness of the organisation and enable management to monitor, analyse and continually improve corporate performance and provide transparency for our clients and employees alike.