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Incentive Carbon Management

By Wernard Kruger, Incentive FM Group Client Accountant

Incentive Carbon Management

Incentive Carbon Management is the specialist division of Incentive FM Group that provides holistic, risk managed, energy and carbon reduction solutions for SME’s and large corporates with the aim to assist them in meeting their obligations under relevant legislation, reduce their energy bills and meet CSR aspirations.

We develop a Carbon Action Plan that is fully supported by a range of flexible funding and advice on accessing available grants and subsidies.

Engaging Incentive Carbon Management gives your organisation a central focal point for all carbon, energy and environmental management activities. We take your organisation on a journey from initial benchmarking, through consultancy to implementation. Each step of the process is risk assessed and managed in order to minimise disruption and assure business continuity.
The comprehensive approach extends to encompass every link of your supply chain ensuring that members of your supply chain contribute to the overall plan. We take ownership of and responsibility for all warranties and guarantees for equipment and services provided by third parties.

The Commercial Imperative & Carbon Stewardship

The global demand for natural resources is accelerating at the same time as those very same resources are rapidly becoming depleted. The risk to business is the systemic change in the cost of energy.

Prices for energy generated from fossil fuels will continue to rise, the price of energy from renewable sources is currently high and may remain so for some time to come. There is uncertainty as to the future direction of the nuclear generation programme. We may well be heading for an Energy Gap where our energy demands exceed our energy supply.

It is the responsibility of the CEO and the board of directors to ensure business continuity and take the necessary steps to safeguard corporates and their stakeholders from these kinds of risks.

Green Credentials

Many organisations are looking to demonstrate their Green Credentials. Initially this would have been in response to commitments made in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes but increasingly organisations are keen to capitalise on the marketing value that trusted and recognised green credentials offer. Companies are said to be willing to pay a premium for environmentally sensitive suppliers in the future.

Six Steps

Every business will soon need to have identified carbon reduction opportunities and have developed a plan to ensure it is complying with relevant legislation, but this need not be a costly exercise. Experience has shown that we can reduce an organisation’s energy cost by up to 20% by identifying and implementing improved working practices. There is usually a nominal initial fee for the benchmarking audit but Incentive FM Group’s trusted Risk and Reward business model means that all fees are usually recovered from the savings achieved. It is time to act.

Incentive Carbon Management - The Process