Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Health and Safety Update

By Bill Smale, Group Head of Technical & SHEQ

Health and Safety ExecutiveNew Health Safety Legislation - RIDDOR

With the recent changes in RIDDOR it is important that all employers and others with responsibilities under RIDDOR must still keep a record of all over-three day-injuries – if the employer has to keep an accident book, then this record will be enough.

Some Very Good News

Incentive FM Group has again done well in the ROSPA awards, with Incentive FM gaining a gold medal award for the fifth time in a row and Incentive QAS again being successful in being presented with a the silver award. This is a great result and reflects on how well everyone at Incentive FM Group manages safety.

Incentives Accident Performance

Total Accidents from 1/1/12 to 31/12/12 

18 minor injuries reported.

- Group Incidence Rate this year to date is 16 per 1000 employees per year compared to 43 for 2011. This is an obvious improvement so keep up the good work.

- Incentive FM accident figures are much better for the second half of the year after a small blip in first part of year.

- Division Breakdown:

Incentive FM—34 per 1000 in 2012 and 51 in 2011
Incentive QAS—2 per 1000 in 2012 and 30 in 2011

The low accident levels in Incentive QAS have assisted in bringing down overall group stats so well done.

Gold ROSPA Award 2013How we did on Last years Safety Objectives:

Corporate Health & Safety Objectives 2012

1. To continue our downward injury trend towards ‘Zero Harm’ whilst ensuring our incident rate remains below that of 2011. Objective achieved – reduction in overall accident statistics

2. To carry out activities during 2012 with no ‘reportable’ injuries. Objective achieved – no reportable injuries within the Group

3. To ensure all our clients Health and Safety requirements are met. Objective achieved – no known concerns from Clients

4. To continually improve health and safety performance by maintaining the requirements of BS EN ISO 18001 on all sites. Objective achieved – certification renewed with no non-conformance issues raised

5. To achieve the ROSPA Gold Award for both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS. Objective partly achieved – ROSPA Gold for Incentive FM and ROSPA Silver for Incentive QAS.

ROSPA Silver Award 2013New objectives for 2013

The first five objectives remain the same as last year but we have added one new objective.

- To take advantage of recently installed software technology to enhance H&S reporting.

This will be achieved by better reporting using the Concept Evolution system so will rely heavily on assistance from all staff reporting using this system.

Things to look out for this year

1. We are trying to bring together the 18001 & 14001 management systems, which will in the main be achieved in the background without having a clear obvious effect to staff.

2. We will be rolling out the new look 14001 system to all sites, which will have some effect in each of our sites but we hope to keep this to a minimum. It will however involve auditing on all sites and the introduction of some new documentation.