Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

IT Evolution!

In December 2011 we launched the roll out of our new computer aided facilities management system; Concept Evolution.

The decision to opt for Concept Evolution was taken after having tested the market for the best fit solution for our business and our client requirements.

As part of the 12 month project we identified a cross section of internal and external stakeholders and identified our objectives to deliver a system which:

• Provides a reliable, efficient and user friendly system
• Provides the highest level of flexibility, accuracy and timeliness of reporting
• Which can fully integrate with our business
• Is scalable to support our expanding business
• Provides value added functionality to increase customer satisfaction

The implementation of the system represents the largest single investment in our systems and processes.

Concept Evolution is the latest development from the Concept family. It is owned and developed by FSI and is widely recognised as the industry leading web based platform for CAFM solutions. The system is fully hosted by our partner and offers the highest levels of service resilience to ensure our business is fully supported.

The first phase of implementation is now complete. We have migrated the previous system onto Concept Evolution and have focused on training and delivering the basic functionality of the system including; budget management, purchase orders, invoice processing, integration with Access (our accounting package), PPM, helpdesk and PDA technology. As part of this process we are taking the time to ensure that the controls around SLA management and planned activities are consistently implemented whilst giving full support and training to all users.

The next phases of implementation will see the development of internal and external reporting, as well as dashboard style formats to give clients real time visibility of all aspects of service.

We will also be focusing on rolling out the real value adding functionality of the system. This will provide our users with the tools to allow them to do their job more efficiently. In addition we will be providing clients with invaluable processes to assist them in delivering improved services to their users and providing management information to support future business decisions; including asset management and planning.

The success of the implementation of the system is purely down to our users and their buy-in to the significant business change. The last few months have been a challenge, but already we are having really positive feedback on the system and its usability. The more we use the system and realise the extended benefits, the more we will increase our competitive edge in the market place. Thanks to everyone for their patience, support and commitment in implementing the system so far.