Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Covent Garden

Simon Morrison - General Manager at Covent Garden

What have a woman dressed as a banana carrying a broomstick, giant red baubles, and the London Gay Mans Choir have in common?

I have dealt with all of them in my first three months here in Covent Garden.

In my last job I ran the Xscape complex in Milton Keynes which housed an indoor real snow ski slope, a skydiving wind tunnel, a climbing wall, a sixteen screen cinema and the largest night club in the town, so I am used to variety and seeing some strange things - so the transition into taking care of an iconic listed building in the centre of London has been a fun and rewarding one.
I have inherited a great team who enjoy pulling together in this challenging environment to deliver the standards that the client requires and expects. With a portfolio that encompasses over 50 different buildings containing a variety of tenants from retail, to office, to residential. We have our hands full in ensuring that we keep up with not only the day to day requirements of the job but also looking at ways to deliver a better service every day whilst making sure we maximise value for money in all aspects of the operation for both the tenants and the client.

My journey to this job has been a circuitous one from starting out training as a chef, through nine years with Pizza Hut, followed by fourteen with McDonald’s, then onto two years with Xscape before joining Incentive FM for what I hope will be an excellent chapter in my story.

My fourteen years with McDonald’s saw me spending the first six years running restaurants in the centre of London, with Leicester Square being my last. There we took around £4,500,000 a year, had 170 staff and ran a 24/7 operation that even opened on Christmas Day. I then moved into their UK corporate headquarters and took on the role of FM for all of their UK based offices.
Within that role I learnt about being an FM, being responsible for five UK offices, company accommodation, the company car fleet and corporate travel. I had a team of office and building managers who delivered quality environments to the McDonald’s office family.

When I was approached about the opportunity to work for Incentive FM in Covent Garden I was really excited at the prospect. Having worked in central London I knew that the area could be vibrant but I would not have agreed to the commute once again if it was not for a real opportunity with a young, forward looking organisation.

The first three months have proved to me that I have made the right decision. The role poses a myriad of challenges and opportunities for me and Incentive FM have shown themselves to be a great company to work for. The open, friendly approach that everyone I have met has shown engenders a desire to do the best job you can. The attitude that I have experienced within the company has been one of ‘let’s get the job done and get it done in the best way we can’- one that suits me and reinforces the fact that moving into this role was the right move for me.

With Incentive in Covent Garden we strive to be better today than we were yesterday and to ensure that all of our customers, be they client, tenant or guest enjoy an experience that is suited to one of the best known and popular retail and leisure destinations in London. We strive to provide excellent service in an environment that is safe, clean, welcoming and attractive.

Our team here is dedicated and we are all proud to work in such an iconic location where judging if the lady dressed as a banana with the broomstick is worthy of a spot as a street entertainer is just a normal day at the office.