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MIPM Highlights by Jeremy Waud, Managing Director at Incentive FM

MIPM - The Conference, exhibition and annual gathering of the world's property elite started in Cannes on Tuesday and continues until Friday. Last year the event attracted 18,000 participants from around the world.
The keynote and highly entertaining speech from Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, served as a one man global promotion of all that is great about London. This included the forthcoming Olympic games and in particular its significant development and regeneration schemes. He drew parallels with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who believed that India's future lay in its villages as Mr Johnson believes that for us it is putting the Villages back into our city. Here he drew reference in particular to the redevelopment planned at Earls Court as well as the Royal docks, Nine Elms and Kings Cross, all of which are exciting and enormous ventures.

Boris will have us believe that the rosy hue of the rosewood on the Olympic veladrome is achieved by a regular application of British Rhubarb; that you are four times more likely to be murdered in New York than the safe street of London; and that in 100,000 cycle hire days in London only ten bicycles were stolen (and all recovered) whilst in an unnamed city in France which happens to be their capital - they lost 1,700 bicycles!
The London Pavilion profiled and promoted all the new and proposed major schemes throughout London and its boroughs and provided the principle networking environment for the UK property contingent.

Central London Model in London Marquee

Personal Views
As a member of the periphery of the property world (that in reality is where Facilities Management sits) and as a first time visitor to this adrenaline filled jamboree, I am bound to observe the hunter killer characteristics of the property professionals from all aspects of the industry. They tend to invest no more time than is actually needed in speaking to anyone who cannot offer them something personally!

I would go so far as to say this arrogant style is further displayed in social environments, when a quick assessment of the value of someone they have been introduced to decides upon their level of interest and time investment.

Gary Yardley with Boris Johnson

I was privileged to dine last night in one of the many fine restaurants of this nauseatingly expensive town and to be amongst many of the cream of the UK investors and successful property entrepreneurs. To my right, the very chirpy and interesting Gary Yardley, CIO of Capital and Counties, who amongst other assets own Earls Court. Hence he was the subject of substantial media interest on account of the west London redevelopment. To my left James Caan of Dragons Den fame proved to be a most interesting character with a wealth of information and views that he was happy to freely share - out of keeping with many others of his status, he was also interested to listen!

Some of the very high net worth individuals who are commercial world regular names in the press left me far from impressed and perhaps need a basic lesson in manners, or maybe they just need to get their feet back on the ground.