Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

The Cook off

March 2011 saw the first 'Incentive Catering Cook Off', which was held at the premises of one of its Leeds based clients, AGFA Graphics. Three of Incentive Catering's top chefs from around the country were chosen to compete against each other by preparing their 'best' main course meal which was then judged by senior managers from Incentive and AGFA.

Brooke Brookwood, who works on Incentive's contract with Colgate Palmolive in Guildford, prepared moussaka with a Greek salad. Mike Friel who works with AGFA Graphics in Leeds put forward sundried tomato & mozzarella stuffed chicken, pancetta risotto, garlic sautéed wild mushrooms and slow roasted balsamic vine tomatoes. Gordon Gellatry, Incentive catering chef for Emap's head office in London, served up aubergine & spinach dahl with tarka, roasted vegetables, coriander and garlic naan.

The dishes were judged on presentation and taste with each one remaining anonymous. After the final totting up of the scores from the panel of eighteen tasters, Mike Friel was judged a worthy winner.

Jeremy Waud, Managing Director at Incentive FM Group, said; "This is a great opportunity for our chefs to show off their
skills and I was extremely impressed by all the dishes. We have decided to make this 'cook off' an annual event as it was so