Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Teenage Cancer Trust

This year a young peoples' cancer charity has been selected, namely the Teenager Cancer Trust. Why should teenagers have to stop being teenagers because they have cancer?

The Teenager Cancer Trust builds specialist units for young people in NHS hospitals. This enables them to make new friends with similar problems and enables them to give each other support. They are designed to give young people a chance of a positive outcome.

To start us off, Debbie and Sue, at the Incentive QAS office in Ware, Hertfordshire decided to give up the dreaded 'weed'. As an added 'incentive', they elected to do it for this years' charity and the gruelling task began on 5 July. To date they have been pledged just over £400 but they would like more sponsors, with all contributions going to this years' charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. The closing date will be when we all return to work in the New Year.

If you would like to pledge some monies the girls would be very glad to hear from you with the amount you are prepared to donate. Please get in touch by or

Thank you for your support towards the Teenage Cancer Trust.