Upstream - The Newsletter of Incentive FM Group

Swapping at Incentive

In March 2011 Incentive FM identified a great opportunity in personnel development and to strengthen our operation. We switched two of our key team members around in their respective contracts.

Darren Peacock was our Senior Facilities Manager at the Emap contract and TUPE transferred into IFM in March 2009. Annie Karastoyanova was our Customer Service Manager at the Covent Garden contract and TUPE transferred into IFM in October 2009. Both were ready for a move and a new challenge and in agreement with our clients, the switch made sense from a personal perspective and from a business perspective.

What Darren thinks about it..
We are 7 months in and it's a success so far, with both Darren and Annie realizing that the grass is definitely a different shade of green!! Here is what they had to say about is: After 4,144 days at Emap (709 of those since TUPEing to Incentive) someone finally saw sense and realised that Emap needed a break. In the three weeks leading up to the change both Annie and I had the pleasure of doing two jobs as we shared our knowledge and working week between Emap and Covent Garden.

On the 7th of March we started in our new roles and boy the time has flown (is it really nearly 7months) In my new role I deal with the Cleaning, tenant liaison and the Street Performers. To say it was a change is an understatement. Covent Garden is a unique experience to visit as well as to work. Where else can you go from a leaking pipe to a performer juggling chainsaw's and back to an issue with a photocopier. Your standard contract this is not!

What I would say though, is that if you are not challenged at Covent Garden where else could you go...

Annies view...
I worked at Covent Garden for four years being part of a great team. Iwas responsible for the overall experience of customers and visitors at Covent Garden (45 million visitors per year springs to mind!), heading up all soft services and administration for the operations function and liaising with the street performers community. When the opportunity to swap roles with Darren presented itself, I was excited at the prospect of experiencing a completely different environment while working for the same company.

The last seven months have felt more like seven days! I am enjoying learning about the creative world of Emap and how IFM supports the client and delivers its commitment to this contract. I have a great team here too and they have all been really welcoming and supportive of the change. In my new role, I am responsible for overseeing a variety of services IFM provide to Emap's 1300 staff. These include Reception, Courier Room and Post Room, Cleaning, M&E, Handyman service, Catering and hospitality. We also run the Black Cat Cafe aiming to reduce the client's subsidy for this service overtime. In addition, we manage different projects such as office moves and refurbishment.

Managing facilities at Emap is not at all without its challenges but I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity and making the most of it!